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Real time 3D destruction library

Isomet started out as a game jam game I developed on my own for a New Year’s game jam a few years back. For the game jam, it was essentially shooting minecraft blocks which had physics. It has now evolved into a set of systems that could be adapted to a number of real time destruction scenarios.

Isomet uses pre-cracked meshes for it’s destruction, and breaks apart these pieces in real time to give the effect of fully controlled destruction. Isomet also supports structural objects holding one-another up and can detect when an object is floating. It does this via an automatically generated network of nodes based on the positions of individual pieces in relation to one another. To determine whether or not an object should crumble, the algorithm uses dijkstra in conjunction with these nodes to see if individual pieces are grounded, either directly or using other nodes. An image of an automatically generated network is included below.

Altogether, this toolset allows for easily manageable destruction with little real-time overhead, so long as the meshes don’t have an unreasonable amount of pieces and gives the effect of true real-time destruction to the player.