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Pixel Panzers

Plants versus zombies, but with tanks, explosions and wonderful pixel-art

"Pixel Panzers is an Action Arcade tank game set in WWII. Featuring highly detailed hand drawn pixel art sprites drawn in an isometric style.

The core gameplay consists of making a good composition mix of tanks, from Medium, Heavy and Tank Destroyers to stop enemy vehicles from breaching your line in the sand. The player must strategically place their armour to cover off firing lines and by moving them to adapt to enemy blitzkriegs/surges.

The first two initial armies are Soviet and German. There being almost 30 different vehicles for each side from 3 different tank classes with more armies (British/Commonwealth, USA and French) to come.

The player can not only use tanks to their advantage, but also power-ups like tank traps, mines and more. On top of this, each vehicle has different costs to manufacture, time needed to actually create as well as differing complexity causing longer repair times. Each army will have a very distinct play style that reflects the real world challenges they faced."