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Animal Crossfiring

2D world destruction played out in real time

Animal Crossfiring [working title] is a new spin on a genre that, I personally, wish had never died. I grew up playing a number of 2D terrain destruction games, including worms and gunbound. At some point, this genre just kind of disappeared. Maybe it’s a poor marketing decision to work on a game for a dead genre, but at the very least, thus far, it’s been quite an enjoyable experience.

Animal Crossfiring (XFiring) utilizes the per-pixel destruction of many of it’s predecessors, however it does a number of things differently as well. Instead of the classic turn based style of combat, XFiring is fast paced and played in real time. The ultimate goal of XFiring is to knock your opponent out of the world, and to emphasise this, we’ve removed the health component from the game entirely. Instead of beating down your opponent with a barrage of bullets and killing them, you need to destroy the world around them so they’ll fall to their doom; Hitting your opponent will do nothing but stun them momentarily and knock them back. We’ve also added a shielding mechanic so the player can parry bullets back at their opponents and protect themselves.