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Hi, I'm Chris

I'm a freelance programmer and indie game developer.

And occasionally I pretend to be an artist, but don't tell anyone

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a mix of random projects and prototypes I’ve worked on over the past few years in the world of games.

As you’ll see below, I have a strong appreciation for games with dynamic components that add replayability, difficulty and excitement. Elements such as destructible terrain and random generation make the player feel the world is theirs. An experience unique to any given person is a powerful thing, and to a large extent, I’ve built my portfolio around this ideology.

I used to have a number of playable games on here, but now that Chrome has dropped support for the Unity web player, I've taken them down. When I have some time, I'll get them running in HTML5 and post them again.

Also, I have a Twitter and a Tumblr, that I might actually post something to one day.

Animal Crossfiring

Animal crossfiring is a 2D PvP game in which you destroy the world and try to knock your opponent out of it. Think worms with fast paced, real time gameplay.
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I honestly kind of hate this game, in an: I’m still bitter that this game wasn’t anywhere near as good as it should have been kind of way.. Mediocre 3D platformer.
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Pixel Panzers

Plants versus zombies, but with tanks, explosions and wonderful pixel-art. This was a commissioned project that, unfortunately, never ended up being finished.
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This is the spiritual successor to a game prototype I developed for a game jam years ago. It’s come a long way from knocking over minecraft style blocks, but is far from completion.
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Spherical Pathfinding

For some reason, one day I had the idea that it would be fun to write a pathfinding algorithm for spheres. Than I realized Dijkstra would work fine and tried to make it pretty instead.
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Milk Ma'am Moo

2D digging game in which the player needs to dig to the core of the moon to blow it up.. for some reason. I ported this game from Flash to Unity for the original team, along with some questionable cutscenes..
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Russian Mario

Unfair side scrolling platformer with terrible controls that I really need to fix. Essentially a Mario clone where the player fails as a result of the games design, not their own skill.
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